Our Story

In 2006 we recognized that over 400 billion bottles were being discarded a year, a problem that continues to grow. Recycling companies are only making a small dent in relieving the problem. To have a bigger impact, we approached the problem from a different angle. The first was a change in perception. We looked at used plastic bottles as a raw material resource rather than waste. The next step was a realisation that a new technology was required. perPETual successfully commercialised, an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective process to reverse engineer consumer waste PET bottles into high quality sustainable (poly)ester. This sustainable ester can directly replace conventional esters made from PTA and MEG, both high carbon footprint petrochemicals.

PerPETual Global Factory


We currently convert over 2 million PET bottles a day into high-quality filament yarns. These yarns are used by some of the world’s leading brands to make a variety of products across all categories of clothing and textiles. perPETual’s yarns are indistinguishable in quality from traditional petrochemical-based yarns. We are 100% focused on sustainability and only produce yarns from used plastic bottles. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company dedicated to producing 100% sustainable yarn in large volumes. Sustainability has always been central to our company ethos, we are passionate about making a change.

Our Approach

We are able to convert used plastic bottles back into sustainable ester which can, in turn, be used to manufacture new bottles, packing film and textiles. The process at our plant in India is highly scalable. Our goal is to recycle over 100 million bottles a day by 2026. The number of bottles discarded has reached over 1.5 billion per day, this is a global problem that requires a global solution. Please join us to make a positive impact on our planet.