Welcome to Perpetual

PerPETual Global has achieved significant growth as the organization progressed from a development Company to a fully-fledged commercial entity, now processing over 20 million waste PET plastic bottles per month at its first plant. We have worked hard to bring the Company to this point and we are proud of our achievements.

The development of PerPETual’s ReNEW technology has not been without its challenges. Having a strong commercial and technical organization, focused on people and “doing things”, is the cornerstone of our accomplishments. The combination of our expertise, skills and experience is one of the keys to our success and I would like to congratulate all of the PerPETual staff who have worked relentlessly, tirelessly, and enthusiastically to deliver the ReNEW solution.

PerPETual is now entering very exciting times as we execute the deployment of further units globally with our major partners along the whole value chain. PerPETual is now structuring as a supplier of sustainable feedstock for the PET industry, and our dedication to performance and collaboration supports our commitment to be the partner of choice for providing an economical solution to the problem of increasing PTA and MEG prices in the PET industry, as well as a solution to the problem of waste PET plastic bottles and environmental depletion.

Together, we are in for success.

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