perPETual Acknowledgment By The World Economic Forum

perPETual Global were acknowledged in a recent article posted by the World Economic Forum following the annual Davos Summit, where many current world issues including climate change and circular economy solutions were discussed by world leaders and influencers alike.

It was stated that perPETual is one of the leading technological innovators driving change in the way in which we approach the growing single-use plastics problem with technological and sustainable solutions. Using our patented process we continue to strive towards a sustainable future together with our partners.

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perPETual Presence At The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018

perPETual were highlighted in a recent vogue article which displayed Julianne Moore wearing a simple, elegant dress made from only perPETual sustainable filament yarn. Moore wore the dress specially for the recent Green-Carpet Fashion awards 2018, designed by Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian designer fashion brand known for creating luxury products. The dress itself (pictured above) proves that using a high-quality material or fabric allows for a dress to stand out, be elegant and beautiful. The fabric quality allowed a more simplistic design to be used.

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perPETual Interview With Indian Textile Journal

One of perPETual’s founders and the CEO of the company Dr. Vivek Tandon was recently interviewed by the Indian Textile Journal. This opportunity was used to express perPETual’s history so far, recent performance, various brand partners and what perPETual see as the future of PET conversion.

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perPETual Interview With Fibre2Fashion

Fibre2Fashion highlighted perPETual in a recent article questioning one of our founders and CEO of the company Dr. Vivek Tandon. Covered topics included Dr. Tandon’s insight into the RPET industry as a whole, how perPETual are positioned in todays RPET industry and what the current growth trajectory of the company is.

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Decathlon To Significantly Reduce Its Polyester Impact

Global sporting goods retailer recently made public their intentions to significantly reduce their polyester impact, one of a number of sustainability goals announced by the company. By the end of 2021, all textile products sold by Decathlon in France are due to be made from 100% more sustainable polyester. As a supply partner of Decathlon, we are incredibly pleased to see the progression of their sustainability and look forward to seeing them meet these goals in the near future.

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adidas Commits To Only Using Recycled Plastics By 2024

One of the world’s largest clothing and apparel brands and second largest sportswear brand, adidas recently announced their intentions to commit to only using recycled polyester (made from used plastic bottles) in their clothing by the year 2024.

The news comes with no little surprise as brands push to become more sustainable in light of recent developments in the awareness of ocean plastic pollution highlighted in documentaries such as Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2. As long term suppliers of adidas we are incredibly pleased with the news and look forward to seeing them progress to becoming increasingly more sustainable, particularly through their polyester garments.

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A Word From Our Partners – Tec-Fun

perPETual is pleased to announce that it is working with Tec-Fun as its exclusive agent in Portugal. Tec-Fun is a business that imports, exports and represents as an agent of trade in yarn and other textiles, clothing, footwear, leather goods, as well as other fashion articles and accessories. Located in the Barcelos region of Braga, Tec-fun works in conjunction with Filnext (a local textile wholesaler that specialises in the importing and exporting of textile goods) to meet any customer demands on short notice.

Leonor Carvalho, CEO, Tec-Fun – “I have been working with perPETual and their subsidiary, Polygenta, for over 12 months and am pleased to have been given the opportunity to be their exclusive agent in Portugal. I have also partnered on several opportunities with Filnext over the past ten years. At present we have been successfully selling perPETual’s products in Portugal for the past year and customers have been pleased with the quality, the service level and the price. The addition of Filnext as a partner will enable us to have local storage and distribution for quicker delivery. We look forward to growing the business in 2018.”

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100% Sustainable Spandex Covered Filament Yarn

perPETual now offer a range of high-quality sustainable spandex covered polyester filament yarn. perPETual spandex covered polyester filament yarns are available in any denier between 75 and 300 deniers. Spandex is a synthetic fiber that is known for having exceptional elasticity. It is predominately used in the production of products such as denim, leggings, socks and other garments requiring stretchability. Our spandex covered yarn also has higher thermal stability, meaning that consumers can process the fabrics at a relatively higher temperature. Furthermore, we can provide covered yarn with recycled spandex if required by the customer.

To create this spandex covered yarn we use a process called air covering which entails combining two or more yarns, both elastic and non-elastic, to create unique yarns with a new combination of characteristics. In this process, the texturising and air covering of the spandex happens simultaneously which ensures the product has even interlacing and even stretching of the spandex. Thus eliminating the possibility of any defects in the fabric.

Vivek Tandon of perPETual said, “We are already supplying various mills with this new product which was developed as a result of customer demand and enquiries.  We thank our customers for helping us to create this product and we are pleased that it has meant their stringent quality requirements. We look forward to developing other products together. “



The Circulars 2018 Finalist

Congratulations to all the finalists for the Circulars Awards in the SME category. We are pleased perPETual was chosen as a finalist alongside Vaude, Ricoh, Battery Solutions, Fairphone and Apto Solutions.

The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, is the world’s premier circular economy award program. The awards are open to individuals and organizations from commerce and civil society in seven distinct categories and are designed to recognize and celebrate, on a prestigious global stage, all facets of the circular economy movement. Now in its fourth year, The Circulars event will be held at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos on 22nd January 2018.

Ocean Plastic: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There has been much press recently relating to ocean plastics being retrieved from the ocean. However, there is a more efficient solution to this growing problem. The majority of these ocean plastics enter our oceans through river tributaries, which is much easier to prevent than trying to extract the plastic directly from the ocean.

Recent studies have shown that over 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year. Much of which is plastic bottles that have been discarded as waste rather than recycled. The world’s population discarded over 480,000,000,000 PET bottles last year and this figure increases with each passing year. The world consumption of bottles is on course to top half a trillion by 2021. (

These bottles and other plastics have accumulated for years and have finally received much-needed press to bring home the point to the consumer. We believe to tackle this problem effectively we must focus our efforts on preventing bottles being discarded in these river tributaries that will eventually lead the bottles into the ocean. This will give us a much higher chance of reducing the amount of ocean plastics, particularly plastic bottles.

Our technology is scalable, with our current plant located in Nashik, India currently converting approximately 2 million PET plastic bottles per day into high-quality sustainable filament yarns. Our next plant being planned will be capable of processing up to 10 million bottles a day. We are also looking for additional partners to help us build more plants globally.

You too can also contribute towards tackling this growing ocean plastics problem at a home level, by ensuring that you recycle your plastic instead of throwing them away as rubbish. Currently, 91% of plastic (including bottles) is not being recycled, a worrying statistic. (

You may think that one plastic bottle will not hurt, but with us all joining together and adopting the same ethos of seeing plastic bottles as a valuable resource rather than waste, a little recycling will go a long way in our quest to make a material difference to the world we live in.