A Word From Our Partners – Tec-Fun

perPETual is pleased to announce that it is working with Tec-Fun as its exclusive agent in Portugal. Tec-Fun is a business that imports, exports and represents as an agent of trade in yarn and other textiles, clothing, footwear, leather goods, as well as other fashion articles and accessories. Located in the Barcelos region of Braga, Tec-fun works in conjunction with Filnext (a local textile wholesaler that specialises in the importing and exporting of textile goods) to meet any customer demands on short notice.

Leonor Carvalho, CEO, Tec-Fun – “I have been working with perPETual and their subsidiary, Polygenta, for over 12 months and am pleased to have been given the opportunity to be their exclusive agent in Portugal. I have also partnered on several opportunities with Filnext over the past ten years. At present we have been successfully selling perPETual’s products in Portugal for the past year and customers have been pleased with the quality, the service level and the price. The addition of Filnext as a partner will enable us to have local storage and distribution for quicker delivery. We look forward to growing the business in 2018.”

Contact Details

Tecfun Lda – https://www.facebook.com/tecfun.lda

Leonor Carvalho – https://pt.linkedin.com/in/leonor-carvalho-6b8ab537

100% Sustainable Spandex Covered Filament Yarn

perPETual now offer a range of high-quality sustainable spandex covered polyester filament yarn. perPETual spandex covered polyester filament yarns are available in any denier between 75 and 300 deniers. Spandex is a synthetic fiber that is known for having exceptional elasticity. It is predominately used in the production of products such as denim, leggings, socks and other garments requiring stretchability. Our spandex covered yarn also has higher thermal stability, meaning that consumers can process the fabrics at a relatively higher temperature. Furthermore, we can provide covered yarn with recycled spandex if required by the customer.

To create this spandex covered yarn we use a process called air covering which entails combining two or more yarns, both elastic and non-elastic, to create unique yarns with a new combination of characteristics. In this process, the texturising and air covering of the spandex happens simultaneously which ensures the product has even interlacing and even stretching of the spandex. Thus eliminating the possibility of any defects in the fabric.

Vivek Tandon of perPETual said, “We are already supplying various mills with this new product which was developed as a result of customer demand and enquiries.  We thank our customers for helping us to create this product and we are pleased that it has meant their stringent quality requirements. We look forward to developing other products together. “